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The designer itself, John Galliano knows everything from his seasons collection to runway shows. He is the legendary man who pioneered the use of dramatic sets and a whirling sensation of colors in his shows. The Spring/Summer 2009 collections has gone back from the designers roots that lie in the British Isles Replica Balenciaga Handbags.

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A wide variety of styles and concepts from different references of his collections were being used, starting with the very first look down the runway. The distinctive headdresses of the British Royal Guard became the nod of everybody during the show. This is a kind of headpiece that composed of separates, from a dainty little cropped peacoat to a knee-length peek-a-boo dress in rouge red.

The collections were not just focusing on the guards but to the Queen Mother as well. Apparently a tribute to the Queen’s love for hats, some models wore curly white wigs with a flamboyant hat topped off and the exaggerated versions of the hats of the Victorian-era British Navy.

The collections are truly the worked of a genius. He never stop discovering something unusual thus maintaining its dramatic and exciting effect. Galliano managed to turn down his creative volume knob yet keep the utter stylishness of it all at an even level.

The Replica Balenciaga Handbags lines were made more interesting with some ruffles and artistic ruching. Of course, the runway collection will not be completed without his usual riot of colors on display. A kaleidoscope of deep vibrant colors are being used that surprisingly stood out against neon-hued solid pieces.

An array of cropped jackets to frilly mini skirts to full cocktail dresses complete the set Replica Celine Handbags.

This is the designers fourth fantastic show in a row that was effortfully made himself.

John Galliano displayed his creative genius a bit more in the shoes from this collection.